moshn de·​vo·​tion

Our mission and purpose


We care about the things that keep urban businesses growing


Small fleets have similar challenges as large fleets do, but do not have access to the tools and fleet management resources that large fleets have. As a result; builders, painters, dog walkers, house cleaners, landscapers and millions of urban small businesses, have less flexibility, high capital investment that is locked in their fleet and little means to optimize their commercial vehicle use over time. When vans and pick-up trucks are down for maintenance or repair, you lose precious time and when additional projects require capacity increase, you lease or rent expensive alternatives.

Moshn is working on solving these challenges. We care about the things that keep urban small businesses growing. Moshn is building software and service, providing vehicles support with peace of mind, helping improve driver safety and freeing up time to work on growing your business or take a much needed break. We are a California based company that is passionate about urban small businesses. Passionate about mobility and about the change and opportunities that new technology, business and service models bring with them…

At the core Moshn is introducing four new concepts to urban small business mobility


Getting a new, modern and safe vehicle for your business should not drive you to financial stress. Through scale and partnerships, Moshn delivers affordable vehicles fit-for-purpose for urban companies like yours


Down payments, predatory lenders and aging vehicles form a heavy burden on small businesses. Transition from ownership to membership subscription is an ideal combination of long term relationship without the capital investment required.

Ongoing Support

Today’s commercial vehicle buying experience for small businesses is a one-time event. Moshn is fostering an ongoing relationship where our team and technology become a micro-fleet management extension of your business. We support the vehicle and optimize the fleet over time as the needs evolve.

Future proof

Mobility is entering a new era with electrification, autonomous vehicles and new ownership models. Moshn is learning the specific characteristics of a business and applies the information on driving patterns and business needs coupled with fleet-data to draw a customized transition plan for small businesses.

Moshn cares! Small businesses and independent contractors come in all shapes and forms. Our team is diverse and so are our customers. We believe in goodness and the kindness of people. We are driven by the inert need to help small business owners be their best and successful, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or any other way you choose to express yourself. Do not let your financial means, social economic situation or life’s fortunes, stand between you and our offerings to you and your business.