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Stay in moshn

“Don’t ask what you can do for your vehicle.

Ask what can your vehicle do for you…”

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Moshn helps during COVID-19

Running a business during uncertain times is challenging. Keeping it going during the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge that most of us can use a helping hand with. Moshn provides contactless car selection, acquisition and service. Our team can help you using modern tools and processes to avoid a trip to the dealer, the mechanicContinue reading “Moshn helps during COVID-19”

Will Mobility Trends Impact Your Small Business Future?

For small businesses, keeping vehicles available and in good safe operating condition is critical. High dependency on the vehicles you own for utility and brand awareness is as important. With only one or a handful of vehicles, businesses have no redundancy when vehicles are down and have to use costly rental alternatives The main trendsContinue reading “Will Mobility Trends Impact Your Small Business Future?”