What does the Subscription cover?

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moshn provides three primary services;

  • Vehicle subscription – modern vehicles, up-fit for the tasks your business requires with a fixed monthly fee. 
  • Fleet Management Software – your vehicles or our subscription vehicles as well as your drivers can be maintained through our mobile applications and back office platform. The software provides support to both the fleet owner as well as the drivers with access to vehicle information, ability to schedule and track maintenance tasks and communicate with the moshn assistant team.
  • Fleet management service – The moshn assistant team provides fleet management support to our customers with all aspects of the daily tasks in mind. The service include proactive maintenance of the vehicles, adjustments to the vehicle configurations and optimization of the fleet utilization overtime. The moshn assistant can be contacted through chat or call to schedule regular tasks such as tire rotation or fluid topping. Most maintenance tasks will be proactively scheduled by the moshn assistant team, and can be rescheduled for pick-up and drop-off as needed. Our team provides your business with fleet management support just like large fleets have with in-house services.
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