Bounce back to profitability with vehicle subscription

  • As a small business owner, having a well maintained vehicle is critical to running the business but owning it is costly and requires attention. 
  • Financing a vehicle is a long term commitment that is not tuned to shifting business needs overtime as economical conditions change.
  • When you own a vehicle, you take the risk and expense exposure to unpredictable events.
  • The commercial vehicles and fleets’ transition to electric or hybrid vehicles is expected to rapidly devalue current commercial vehicles. Today’s gas field trucks and Vans will quickly lose value in the next five years making replacement expensive.

Most small business owners rely on their vehicle to keep the business running. You may be a builder, painter or plumber and use your vehicles to haul materials and teams to the job site, or an interior designer, dog walker or shop owner, using your vehicles to stock your store or for the daily functions of your business. 

Either way, having a well maintained and functioning vehicle or a small fleet, is essential to keeping your business humming. 

Unfortunately, there are several forces working against you. When you finance a vehicle, even when your credit is in a very good condition, your vehicle(s) form a burden that your business is not typically well equipped to deal with.

When you acquire your vehicles, you need to put money down, pay tax and registration and upfit the van or truck with accessories like shelving, roof racks, tool boxes, floor covers, tie-downs and more.

Before you know it, you need to cough out $5,000 to $7,000 per vehicle. In addition, as the vehicle ages, you are confronted with the tasks of maintenance, tire rotation and replacement, and any occasional repair that the vehicles need. These costs typically come at an unfortunate time when cash flow is low…

In addition, amortization, accounting and tracking of personal vs business use for you and your employees is an extra burden.

Vehicle subscription is a relatively new concept. Think of it as a hybrid of lease and rental, drawing on the advantages of both.

With vehicle subscription there is typically no requirement for money down and the overall management of the fleet is carried by the service provider.

For consumers, it offers a somewhat costlier alternative to lease, with the flexibility of rental. In the case of small business owners, emerging services like moshn mobility’s fleet subscription, offer a cost effective alternative to ownership with little to no risk and much simpler financial view.

Subscription requires a one time onboarding fee and then one monthly flat fee that covers vehicle, maintenance and all fleet management tools and support.

As a business owner, you get the benefits of large fleet owners with dedicated fleet managers, flexible commitment to vehicles, low entry cost and predictable spend overtime. 

Your fleet remains young and well maintained, saving you one worry and giving you time back to run your business

About moshn mobility:

moshn mobility is a small-fleet vehicle service and fleet management software with a low upfront cost and service that is tailored to keeping small businesses running.

We are building solutions that are 100% small business minded and developing our vehicle offerings, services and software to the needs of local business owners and their community. Check out our blog and on facebook, instagram and other social media platforms. Contact us at